Ziva David and some other thoughts…okay a lot of other thoughts


I’m feeling really good about all of this, which says something, not sure exactly what, but something.  I feel like this is the first time since probably early February where a lot of things that didn’t make sense before finally make sense now. 

If you’ve been following me long enough, you know that for as long as I’ve been on tumblr I’ve been answering the question “but why do you like Ziva so much?” and no matter how many times I was asked, I’d answer. I’d get to sit down and really talk about this incredibly fascinating character.

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I think, perhaps, you have stumbled on to some of the reasons for Cote leaving.

First Lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to be a featured guest on the show the Biggest Loser in November 2013.  She is presumably using the show as a vehicle to promote the Let’s Move campaign in an effort to fight childhood obesity.  

While it is admirable to promote the enjoyment of movement amoung people of all ages, the Biggest Loser is a platform that is inappropriate for this message.  Due to the bullying, fat shaming, and mental, emotional and physical harm this show engages in, the appearance of the First Lady would be an implicit sanctioning of weight stigma and perpetuation of social injustice.

There is an enormous amount of support to be gained by allowing the vocal community of weight stigma advocates, eating disorders organizations, researchers and treatment professionals to help refine the Let’s Move message in order to remove the dangerous, unintended aspects of the campaign and possibly promote the program.  

Please help us to encourage the First Lady to utilize the compassionate and powerful community support of these professionals rather than the sensationalized, harmful platform of entertainment oriented shaming.

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This is really important! The First Lady can’t use The Biggest Loser as a promotional platform for Let’s Move!

We cannot shame anyone into thinness, and the goal of Let’s Move! should be making kids healthier.

Please sign and help us stop shaming people for their weight.